Elf Emily delights in bringing joy during the holidays

Emily Kuhn, 9, volunteers to give out gifts to less fortunate

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SAN ANTONIO – A local 9-year-old at Seele Elementary in New Braunfels has taken up the cause of giving to the less fortunate during the Christmas season.

Emily Kuhn, a.k.a. “Elf Emily” and her mother Carolina Kuhn, have been spreading holiday cheer for the past six years.

“I would volunteer at a local church and being a single mom, she would come with me and help out in any way she could. Everybody loved her smile and greetings. We helped by handing out the gifts for Christmas, and when people could not pick up their gifts, we volunteered and delivered the gifts personally,” Carolina Kuhn said.

Carolina told Emily that she was Santa’s secret elf and that they were working to let others know that Santa didn’t forget about them. She bought into the idea and wanted to wear an elf outfit.

“We gathered presents and donations to buy gifts for children that were in the hospital and in very, very hard living situations. Last year, a man built a dollhouse by hand and donated to Elf Emily to choose a special little girl to give it to. She was so happy when we came to her home with this special Santa gift,” Kuhn said.

Carolina said they do it each year because both she and Emily have stories so familiar with the children in the hospital.

“I spent most of my youth at Christa Santa Rosa due to asthma, and my daughter was transported here the day she was born because she stopped breathing. We don’t have a whole lot, but what we do have, we want to share. It’s about giving and making someone smile,” she said.

Elf Emily and Carolina have since teamed up with other children who want to volunteer. After starting with only $50, they now receive donations from across the country.

Yesterday, the pair made their huge drop off of gifts for the 2019 season.

“We want all the children to know Santa has not forgotten about them. Elf Emily and friends send their love and hugs. No child should be sad on Christmas,” she said.

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Ben Spicer is a digital journalist who works the early morning shift for KSAT.