‘The Backstory: Inside the ‘Medical Center Rapist’ case’

Now with extended clips of courtroom testimony and a Q&A with court reporter Paul Venema.

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Former John Marshall High School student and basketball player, Anton Harris, 20, was recently found guilty for Aggravated Sexual Assault and Aggravated Robbery. This is just one of five sexual assault cases he’s accused of at apartments in the medical center. Some date back to as far as 2016 when Harris was 16 years old.

From his arrest to the verdict, Courts reporter Paul Venema takes a look back at how the case has unfolded throughout our KSAT coverage in a segment called “The Backstory”.

This video has been updated. What’s new? The case concludes in court with extended testimony from witnesses in both the guilt/innocence phase and the punishment phase. Plus a Q&A with Venema about some of the unique elements that made this case unique in the courtroom.

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