‘Cry Me a Cockroach’ event brings in over $45K in donations for San Antonio Zoo

Funds raised will go toward conservation and education, zoo officials say

San Antonio Zoo's cockroach at "Cry Me a Cockroach" event (San Antonio Zoo)

SAN ANTONIO – If you got back at your ex-lover, ex-friend, current mother-in-law, a former Spurs player or someone else that wronged you by taking part in San Antonio Zoo’s “Cry Me a Cockroach” event on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got good news.

The fundraiser gained international attention and generated more than $45,000 in donations for the San Antonio Zoo, as announced by zoo officials Thursday afternoon.

Those who took part in the fundraiser could purchase a live cockroach or a rat, name it after an ex and have zoo staff feed the creatures to their animals. Participants could also make therapeutic donations.

Want to get back at your ex on Valentine’s Day? SA Zoo can help!

Zoo officials say the funds raised from the event will go toward conservation and education.

“We were also glad to teach the world a little bit more about the importance of species like roaches and rodents, the unsung heroes of a healthy ecosystem," SA Zoo officials said in a press release.

The cockroaches and pre-frozen rats that were fed in the fundraiser were already a part of many animals’ typical diets, per SA Zoo.

The zoo’s fundraiser also caught the attention of talk show hosts and national media.

Talk show hosts poke fun at San Antonio Zoo’s name a cockroach, rat after your ex event

Jim Rome, a sports radio talk show host, mentioned the event and encouraged other zoos to step up their game.

“And every other zoo in the world, step your game up because you’re all looking up at the San Antonio Zoo and their livestream,” he said. “The bar has been raised.”

Stephen Colbert also mentioned the SA Zoo on “The Late Show," saying it was a good way for participants to get closure on their ex-relationships.

“By the way, naming a cockroach after your ex and watching it get devoured is the perfect way to say, ‘Screw you, Stacy,’ and also, 'You clearly made the right choice, Stacy," the funnyman said.

Zoo staff thanked to the public for participating this year, making this fundraiser one for the books.

“Thank you to everyone from around the world for the therapeutic donations during our first ever ‘Cry Me a Cockroach’ event!"

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