Could we still see a surge in San Antonio? How do we avoid it?

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SAN ANTONIO – Even though local experts say we’ve successfully flattened the curve in San Antonio, could we still see a surge of COVID-19 cases here?

“We could definitely see a surge,” said Dr. Bryan Alsip, University Health System’s chief medical officer and a member of the COVID-19 Health Transition Team, in a recent video provided by UHS.

Alsip said it’s important that people continue to follow the social distancing recommendations as businesses start to reopen under the governor’s plan. He also urged people to continue to wear masks in public.

Doctors stress proper usage, sanitation of face masks

“We still feel like that’s an important element because you have less control in a public environment to control your social distancing or your separation from others,” Alsip said. “It’s easy to do in your own household and it may be possible in your workplace, but in a public setting, that’s not as easy. And so additional recommendations like that I think are critical to help us keep the curve down.”

Which stores require face masks to be worn in San Antonio?

Watch the video above for Alsip’s full response and click on the links below to see Dr. Alsip’s answers to the following questions.

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