Here's how you can watch KSAT News at 9

SAN ANTONIO – KSAT12 has launched the "KSAT NEWS AT 9" newscast for digital streaming devices, which means you don't have to have cable, satellite or pay a subscription to watch this newscast. 

To access the digital newscast, all you need is a smart TV, Roku stick, Firestick or AppleTV. In fact, you can get all the KSAT newscasts plus other types of entertainment 24/7.

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Search for KSAT or San Antonio in any of the app stores and download the KSAT TV app.

Click here for app information.

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First things first, it’s at 9:00 P.M.

Yep, you’ve caught on to difference number one.

Now for the total truth: the News at 9 is an experiment.

Its digital only, meaning you can only watch it via the KSAT TV app or on this very website. 

But you can’t find it on ‘regular’ KSAT 12. Why? Streaming is the new direction in which TV viewing is headed and, like always at KSAT, we’re staying ahead of the game.

The News at 9 looks and feels different than traditional newscasts. Don’t get us wrong- we still deliver the news of the day.

In addition to talking about what’s making headlines, the show gives us the space to experiment with delivering news in a new way.

We cover topics and issues that impact all of us, not just one side of town. How to get the most of your money, your investments and your savings? We cover that in our series called Money: Its Personal (Because it is. It REALLY, really is.)

Adulting Hacks? We’ve got those, too. This is the stuff we all need to know how to do; but frankly, we might be too embarrassed to admit we need some help with it. Like picking the best produce at the grocery store so your veggies don’t turn brown and mushy in two days. Or knowing how to change your own oil so you don’t have wait around on a mechanic.

Then there’s my personal favorite: the Nine at 9. These are the nine biggest stories making headlines around the world, around the country and right here at home. We deliver those facts- and usually some unbelievable video- in three minutes or less.

And we can’t forget the forecast. We wouldn’t leave you high and dry there! (A little weather humor. You’re welcome, KSAT weather team.)

Our team breaks down the forecast and explains why things are happening. Polar Vortex? El Niño? We’ve all heard of them, but on the News at 9 our weather team has a chance to explain them.

Speaking of a break down, we can’t forget our Breakdown Booth. That’s where our reporters explain the story behind the story. Want to know how Dillon Collier busted someone in a Defenders investigation? That’s where he explains it. Or Jessie Degollado shares her experiences that you didn’t see on camera while she was reporting at the U.S.-Mexico border.

You can catch the News at 9 weeknights at 9 P.M. I hope you’ll join us and see the difference for yourself.

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