Do we have COVID-19 figured out? When can we expect a vaccine?

Your coronavirus questions answered

Dr. Bryan Alsip, University Health System’s chief medical officer and a member of the COVID-19 Health Transition Team answers questions about COVID-19 in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIODo we have COVID-19 figured out?

Dr. Bryan Alsip, University Health System’s chief medical officer and a member of the local COVID-19 Health Transition Team, said while we don’t have the disease figured out, we’re learning more every day.

In a video provided by UHS, Alsip said public health measures that have historically been used in the past, are working to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“We’ve also seen in the health care setting that those infection control practices around hand hygiene, wearing proper protective equipment really do work. And those are reassuring as well as validating,” Alsip said.

He said there’s always new information.

“There could be new developments in terms of treatment that we have to be aware of. And all those things will help us continue to better manage the situation,” Alsip said.

When can we expect a vaccine?

Alsip said it could be anywhere between a year to two years before we see a vaccine. And then the challenge will be with manufacturing and distributing it.

“This will be a very popular vaccine, obviously, and we want to make sure it’s available to everyone and it will be a worldwide demand,” Alsip said. “And so I think it’s not just the ability to develop a vaccine that’s safe and effective, but also one that we can get that’s readily available.”

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