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Welcome to the great outdoors.

I’m Rebecca Salinas, a digital journalist for KSAT, lover of all things outdoors, and author of this newsletter.

Perhaps “The Brady Bunch” kids said it best when they sang, “I think I’ll go for a walk outside now.”

Because when you’re outdoors, there’s fresh air to breathe in, fascinating plants and animals to see, and adventures to make.

And that’s what we want to show you with KSAT’s new Outdoors newsletter.

Simply put, this newsletter is for those who enjoy being outside when they’re able to step away from the work grind and the confines of their homes.

It’s for people who can’t pass up stories about massive fish, unique critters, cool state parks, under-the-radar swimming holes, or something of the like.

In this monthly newsletter, you should expect to find stories about state and national parks, wildlife, hiking, fishing, hunting, swimming, running, camping and traveling.

This isn’t just about San Antonio-area news either; we’ll take you from Big Bend to Padre Island to the Hill Country to the East Texas bayous to Palo Duro Canyon.

You can also follow our daily coverage by clicking on our Outdoors page on If you have questions or comments about the newsletter, reach out at

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About the Author

Rebecca Salinas is an award-winning digital journalist who joined KSAT in 2019. She reports on a variety of topics for KSAT 12 News.

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