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What’s up, foodie crew! I’m David Elder, the host and executive producer of the food and travel TV show Texas Eats.

I’m inviting you into this newsletter (sign up below), which is all about food in and around the San Antonio area.

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The Texas Eats team and I created it because we want everyone to explore the rich and diverse food scene that is Central and South Texas. And because we know you love food as much as we do!

First off, you’ll get each episode — airing on KSAT 12, KSAT Plus and every Saturday at 10 a.m. — delivered straight to your inbox.

But this newsletter takes what we do on the show to the next level with a more in-depth look into recipes, some behind-the-scenes content and ways you can engage with the food community.

In this weekly newsletter, get ready to discover new restaurants opening near you, recipes from popular chefs around the Alamo City and you’ll get an opportunity to nominate your choice for your favorite local restaurants.

From Fredericksburg to Comfort, Castroville to New Braunfels and everywhere within 1-hour of San Antonio – you bet that we will have you informed about popular foodie destinations and hidden gems that you have to visit.

We travel every week filming for the show, and we will be sharing behind-the-scenes videos with you right here.

Plus, when we run across a great deal – you know you’ll be the first to know right here.

Traveling all the time can be exhausting. But when your destination involves incredible food and the people you work with are always a blast to be around, driving in the wide-open Texas country doesn’t feel like work.

What is your favorite restaurant destination? Let me know at

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Keep eating, San Antonio!

About the Authors

David Elder is the host and executive producer of the food and travel show Texas Eats on ABC KSAT 12

Benjamin Garison is a producer, videographer, and editor for the top-rated food and travel show in Central and South Texas, Texas Eats with David Elder. Ben joined the Texas Eats team in the fall of 2020.

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