Man captures heart-stopping video of San Antonio Thunderbirds flyover from top of 500-foot tower

‘Despite the risks involved, I take pride in my job’

SAN ANTONIO – The Air Force Thunderbirds flyover of San Antonio Wednesday was seen by thousands but one man may have had a closer view than most.

Robert Romero Jr. told KSAT he captured the flyover “at a tower downtown [near the] San Antonio River Walk on Caesar Chavez Blvd. The tower is 500 feet up.”

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The flyover was part of America Strong, a recognition and show of national solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic for healthcare workers, first responders and other essential personnel.

“We are considered essential workers as well," said. Romero Jr. who works for Velex. “We provide cell phone and internet services to customers locally and worldwide. We service many carriers but mostly to AT&T customers.”

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Romero Jr. told KSAT the towers “provide service for other essential workers such as doctors and hospitals for telehealth visits; the media to provide the most up-to-date information; the teachers who are continuing to educate via Zoom, YouTube, Google classroom; and most importantly for (people) to be able to FaceTime, text, email and/or call our loved ones.”

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“Despite the risks involved, I take pride in my job. It’s very rewarding knowing that I’m able to connect everyone locally and worldwide without them realizing it,” Romero Jr. said. “I had an amazing view of the Thunderbirds flyover. Thank you as well to the Thunderbirds for honoring essential COVID-19 frontline workers.”

If you didn’t get a chance to see the aerial show, you can watch it here.

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