Coronavirus data: San Antonio cases stabilizing, but officials urge vigilance to avoid second wave

City officials continue urging public to take precautions against COVID-19

San Antonio COVID-19 cases (Fares Sabawi, KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – While active coronavirus case numbers appear to have stabilized in San Antonio, city officials are advising the public against letting their guard down.

As of Wednesday evening — roughly 75 days since the first confirmed case was reported among residents — a total of 2,525 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Bexar County. While more than half of those patients have recovered, 70 have died and new cases are being confirmed every day.

“When you look at the indicators ... you will find we are still in great shape,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said Wednesday.

You can track COVID-19 case numbers, recoveries and deaths below:

City officials are tracking other statistics, too, in order to gauge San Antonio’s progress and monitor any potential spikes.

The number of COVID-19 cases in San Antonio now has a doubling time of 36 days, for example. The longer it takes to double the number of cases, the slower the spread of the virus.

Further, the percentage of positive tests has dipped below 4% in recent weeks even as testing capability has ramped up. The city’s full outlook on warning and progress indicators can be found on their website.

Still, city officials like Nirenberg warn residents to stay vigilant against the deadly virus because some other statistics are more concerning.

Map: Texas coronavirus infection rates per capita, county-by-county

In San Antonio, for instance, COVID-19 hospitalizations have gone up in recent days. As of Wednesday night, 92 patients are hospitalized, 39 are in the intensive care unit and 19 patients are using a ventilator.

Hospitalizations are up, but a third of staffed hospital beds remain open and 77% of the county’s ventilators are still available.

“We maintain a strong level of capacity at the hospitals and the severity of illness is also under control,” Nirenberg said Wednesday in response to a KSAT reporter. “We’re seeing the number of positive patients tick up, but they’re moderately ill.”

As health experts expect a second wave of infections, Nirenberg urged the public to wear masks in public and remain cautious.

Where you can get tested for COVID-19 in San Antonio, Bexar County

“If anyone is under the assumption that this virus is all of a sudden going to go away, they’re wrong,” Nirenberg said. “What we have to do is prepare ourselves to live with it in a way that contains it and keep our most vulnerable members of our community safe from it.”

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