‘Come fight for your kids’: Protesters call for mothers to join their cause

During the seventh day of protests, many spoke about the challenges people of color face growing up

Seventh day of protest continue downtown

SAN ANTONIO – Protesters have called for mothers in the community to join them in their march. They said they want to create a better life for their children.

Some referenced George Floyd, who called for his mother as video showed a former Minneapolis Police Officer kneeling on his neck.

Jourdyn Parks said it’s a pain that’s united mothers everywhere.

“When he called for his mother, every mother in America felt that,” she said.

Parks has protested for the last seven days and said she has brought her three children with her. She wants them to know people are fighting for a better future.

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However, she added it’s a difficult choice for black mothers.

“Black mothers have to choose between teaching your children to comply or teaching your children to stand up," said Parks.

Tistdon Mays said he grew up knowing every day would be a fight for survival.

“Make sure that you just don’t cause a commotion. Make sure you put your hands up. Don’t move too fast, 'cause you never know,” said Mays.

However, he believes lessons like that should not have to be taught at any age.

“We shouldn’t have to be teaching our kids that fear every time they leave the house that basically we could be shot,” he said.

Mays encourages younger people of color to remain positive and know change is on the way.

“We are destined to be great and we just have to keep strong,” he said.

Parks called for other mothers in the community to join the march.

“Come out here. It’s a peaceful protest. Come fight for your kids,” she said.

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