San Antonio ISD adds 3 weeks of breaks for 2020-21 school year

Calendar includes longer breaks around Thanksgiving, Holidays, Spring Break


SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Independent School District board on Monday approved a revised 2020-21 school calendar that adds three weeks of intersession in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

SAISD said a total of 15 days will be added to the calendar year as a contingency for an outbreak. The one-week breaks will be scheduled around Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.

During these weeks, students can utilize them for make-up days or if they need additional learning support. Educators can volunteer to work during these weeks and will be paid.

“The district will not be closed during these intercessions,” a news release states. “The additional breaks are for students, those teachers who will not be providing instruction, and other employees who would not normally be working through June.”

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According to the district, feedback from parent surveys showed a favor of an intersessional calendar. The revised calendar will include the same number of instruction days as a normal school year.

Under the new calendar, the first day of school will remain Aug. 10 and the last day of school will be June 18.

The weeks of intersession include:

  • Nov. 16-20
  • Jan. 4-8
  • March 15-19

The district states parents will be asked for additional feedback in July. The district has also designed models for face-to-face, hybrid and only-only instruction “to accommodate various stages of school closure.”

In May, the Texas Education Agency issued guidance for school districts going forward. SAISD followed the TEA’s report that stated calendar changes may include longer breaks and a later end date. The TEA also said school years may have an earlier start date.

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The TEA’s revisions are just guidelines, and districts each decide their calendars based on board approval. Some school districts in the San Antonio area have chosen a more traditional calendar, and others have yet to announce plans.

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