San Antonio manufacturer sees demand grow for germ-zapping robots

'StrikeForce' formed in response to increase in COVID-19 cases

SAN ANTONIO – Already known for its germ-zapping robots used in healthcare facilities around the country, San Antonio-based Xenex Disinfection Solutions has formed a strike force to service a wide variety of commercial and residential locations.

Morris Miller, Xenex CEO, said it was created in response to the rise in COVID-19 cases in states like Texas.

“We’re doing this in restaurants. We’re doing it in day cares. We’re doing it in gymnasiums, office buildings, all sorts of places,” Miller said.

He said often their strike force is needed in homes to protect family members where there was a COVID-19 patient.

Miller said businesses call when one of their employees tested positive. But, he said, many businesses have it done on a weekly basis to protect customers and staff.

A Xenex spokeswoman said prices range from $300 for a small space to $1,800 for a large space.

"Price is the same for commercial and residential," she said. "We provide an estimate based on square footage to be disinfected."

Miller said the robots use high-intensity Xenon lamps with powerful ultraviolet lights that can disinfect a surface in two minutes.

He said it’s been tested and proven effective against the virus that causes COVID-19.

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