Alamo Sign Solutions lawyer releases statement regarding flyer alleged to seek volunteers for SAPD

City of San Antonio sent cease and desist letter to James Alfaro, owner

The city of San Antonio sent a cease and desist letter to James Alfaro for a poster recruiting residents to help SAPD during riots. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIOUpdated June 30:

Roland Esparza, an attorney representing James Alfaro, released the following statement regarding the flyer:

“The posting has been taken out of context. Mr. Alfaro’s intention is to peacefully assemble with other concerned citizens regarding shared concerns for the City he loves. His posting has been clarified to ensure there are no misunderstandings or misperceptions.”

Original Story:

San Antonio city officials on Monday sent a cease and desist letter to James Alfaro, owner of Alamo Sign Solutions, asking him to stop seeking volunteers for a volunteer civilian patrol.

According to a news release, the flyer purports to seek up to 200 volunteers for the San Antonio Police Department, which is unnecessary and unauthorized by San Antonio City Manager Erik Walsh and San Antonio Police Chief McManus.

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“During a time when our residents are speaking up for changes in policing, flyers like these only seek to stoke controversy,” Walsh said. “We do not endorse these actions and I hope this individual will finally cease these harmful actions.”

The letter informs Alfaro that continued unauthorized claims purporting to be assisting the San Antonio Police Department may result in the city seeking legal action against him.

“This poster has no affiliation whatsoever with the City of San Antonio nor the men and women who wear the San Antonio Police uniform. We once again ask that he remove any reference to SAPD from his materials,” McManus said.

A KSAT crew went to Alamo Sign Solutions and found nobody inside the business. The crew was hoping to speak to Alfaro, but was unable to contact him or leave a message.

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