Attending a 100-person gathering in Bexar County? There’s a 99% chance someone is COVID-19 positive, study says

Researchers model indicates high-risk COVID-19 levels in Bexar County

Coronavirus in San Antonio | Illustration by Henry Keller (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – If you attend a large gathering with 100 people in Bexar County, there’s a 99% chance someone at that gathering has COVID-19, according to a study by Georgia Tech University.

Georgia Tech researchers developed its “Covid-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool,” which is an interactive map that allows users to see the risk of attending an event, given the event’s size and location. The risk level is the estimated chance that someone at the gathering could be COVID-19 positive.

The tool was created by Joshua Weitz, a professor in the School of Biological Sciences, in collaboration with the lab of Clio Andris, an assistant professor in the School of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech and with researchers from the Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory, according to Georgia Tech’s website.

In Bexar County, the planning tool says if you attend a gathering of 50 people, there’s a 90% chance someone is COVID-19 positive, which is still a high risk.

Even with a gathering of 10 people in Bexar County, the map says there’s still a fairly high chance of someone being COVID-19 positive, with a 52% chance.

The user can view all other counties in Texas and other states, and adjust the gathering size as well to see the risk factors. To use the risk assessment planning tool, click here.

Georgia Tech researchers said the dashboard accounts for widespread gaps in the U.S. for coronavirus testing and can “provide further support for the ongoing need for social distancing and protective measures.”

Even if the number in your county specifically seems low-risk, according to the planning tool, residents are still advised to wear face masks, social distance from others and follow other health guidelines currently in place.

Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Bexar County are still surging and the death toll is increasing each day. As of Friday, city leaders announced an additional 478 new cases and 11 more deaths.

Numbers were exponentially high on Thursday after an eye-popping 5,501 cases were announced. However, of Thursday’s numbers, 691 were new, whereas the others were from a backlog that was a result of kinks in the communication process with the state.

The total case count for Bexar County as of yet is 27,525 and the death toll is 240 in the area.

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