Pray SA organized in response to troubled times

'Just an old-fashioned prayer service' at Freeman Coliseum, says Pastor Max Lucado

SAN ANTONIO – “An old-fashioned prayer service” set for Aug. 9 and Aug.16 has been organized in response to unprecedented times by noted Christian author Pastor Max Lucado, of Oak Hills Church, and other local pastors.

"This is a time for us to come together and ask God to help us, bring a breakthrough, bring a new day," Lucado said. "Prayer is our weapon. Prayer and worship is how we fight this battle."

Lucado joined with Pastor Dorian Williams, of Texas Christian Fellowship Church, and others following the protests over George Floyd’s infamous death while in Minneapolis police custody.

Williams said the first of two Pray SA events comes on the anniversary of Michael Brown's 2014 shooting death by police in a suburb of St. Louis, Mo., that sparked the Ferguson riots.

"There's a need to pray to ensure that we're dealing with the force behind the faces and that we're doing it in the right way," Williams said.

Organizers said both the 7 p.m. events this Sunday and a week later will be outside the Freeman Coliseum.

Those who attend are asked to stay in their vehicles that will be spaced apart. Guidelines can be found on the Pray SA website where they’ll also need to register.

They’ll be able to hear what’s being said on stage by tuning into 93.9 FM. Sections will be designated for Spanish language speakers to listen as well.

“We’re not trying to make a political statement,” Lucado said. “There’s not going to be any preaching.”

Williams said prayer “will give God the opportunity to bridge the divisive gap that we’ve been seeing for a long time.”

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