Suspect dead after standoff with police at Rio Grande Valley Walmart

Weslaco police responded to reports of a shooting after 3 p.m.

Generic image of police lights.
Generic image of police lights. (pixabay)

WESLACO, Texas – According to Weslaco Police Chief Joel Rivera, a man with a rifle wearing all black clothing, entered the Walmart and had a confrontation with a customer.

Rivera said police believe the suspect pointed the gun at the customer, but whether or not that happened is still being corroborated with witness testimony and video footage.

According to Rivera, the suspect made his way toward the back of the store and officers on the scene ordered him to discard his weapon.

“He threw the gun (the rifle) on the ground. At some point, he refused to show officers his hands and the officers say he was very distraught, he was irate concerning a medical condition,” Rivera said. “At some point, he produced a handgun. Officers attempted to resolve the issue through the use of less than lethal force. The suspect fired at officers and the officers returned fire.”

Rivera confirmed that 17 Weslaco police officers and four deputy constables responded to the call. No law enforcement personnel or bystanders were injured in the incident.

Rivera said the customer who was engaged in a confrontation with the suspect should come forward and offer their testimony to the department.

The suspect’s identity is being held pending notification of next of kin. Rivera said the Texas Rangers will investigate the shooting.

To watch the full press conference by the Weslaco Police Department, view the player below:

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