Texas lottery grows again, surpasses all-time sales record

Lotto Texas jackpot grows to $45.5 million after no jackpot winner on Wednesday

Texas Lottery players no longer have the only option to buy tickets from the convenience store. They can simply download an app to buy tickets and see results.

SAN ANTONIO – 2020 marks the 10th consecutive year for record-breaking lottery sales, according to lottery officials.

In a year where many people’s wallets have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, the Texas lottery had a record $6.704 billion in sales for FY 2020.

The Lotto Texas jackpot, which hasn’t had a big winner since January 15, is now an estimated $45.5 million and is currently the largest jackpot in North America.

It’s also the third-largest jackpot in the world, according to LotteryPost.com. A total of 132,991 people won prizes for Wednesday night’s drawing ranging from $2 to $12,049.

The winning numbers for Wednesday were 10-11-22-32-45-54 and a total of 29 people hit five numbers out of six but nobody was able to nab the jackpot prize.

“Never in the 28-year history of the Texas Lottery has a year unfolded quite like Fiscal Year 2020 did, and our success is attributed first and foremost to our hard-working retailers,” said executive director of the Texas Lottery Gary Grief.

The current jackpot remains the largest prize for the game in more than 10 years since the May 29, 2010 drawing which had an advertised $97 million jackpot, according to lottery officials.

“Understanding that nearly all of the 20,000 retail locations where lottery tickets are sold were deemed ‘essential service’ locations, we are proud to close out this fiscal year with a new sales record, and more importantly, provide another record-breaking year of revenue for public schools and veterans' services in Texas," Grief said.

The record-breaking sales for FY 2020 generated $1.684 billion in contributions for Texas education and veterans.

Sales from FY 2019 to FY 2020 increased by $452.5 million in a year where many Americans have been struggling financially and unemployment rates skyrocketed.

“In a year marked by uncertainty in so many ways, these record achievements are especially noteworthy,” said Grief. “Our retailers should be as proud as we are of their hard work and support for the schoolchildren and veterans of Texas.”

Lotto Texas is played by picking six numbers from one to 54 and drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:12 p.m.

Ticket sales are not available during the draw break, from 10:02-10:15 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


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