San Antonio organization inspiring Hispanic youth to become leaders

Hispanic Heritage Month: National Hispanic Institute of San Antonio

San Antonio – The graduation rate for Hispanic students has climbed steadily and according to a USA Today report, more Hispanic students than ever are going to college.

The National Hispanic Institute is one organization that is making sure Latino youth have a voice beyond their high school education.

The San Antonio chapter of the organization works in partnership with over 50 schools in the city and its surrounding areas.

The program itself offers engaging programs and competitions to further educate Latino youth on how to become leaders and find their voice.

“It offers a place that is safe for students to really explore themselves, their identity, their communities, their culture and be able to feel confident in who they are in articulating themselves,” volunteer project administrator Anita Fernandez said.

While former alumni of the organization have gone on to become actors, doctors, politicians or business owners, the students who are part of the program today are more focused on making a difference right now.

“We are alive today and we can be leaders of today,” student participant Gabby Hodge said.

The National Hispanic Institute of San Antonio works with over 200 students a year and is currently recruiting.

For those interested, you can reach out directly to the organization on their website or ask your school for more information.


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