Poll: A Third of U.S. Latino Households Experienced Job Loss Due to Coronavirus

click to enlarge Pexels / Tim MossholderA new poll found that 35% of Latino households already experienced a job loss during the coronavirus crisis, while 65% reported having a hard time buying or finding necessities such as food, household supplies or medicine.The poll, conducted by Latino Decisions in partnership with the Latino-focused health network SOMOS, purports to the first in-depth national poll of the Latino population conducted this year.Latinos surveyed in poll overwhelming supported social distancing efforts despite the economic hardships they may require. Only 19% were in favor of accelerating the nations return to work. Also ccording to the poll, 81% favor doing whatever possible to prevent the spread, even if it means more weeks of staying at home.Congress has a responsibility to protect every community, and this survey shows that economic relief is not reaching the Latino community despite being disproportionately impacted, said U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. "The numbers are alarming and wake-up call for lawmakers to include assistance for essential workers such as farmworkers, grocery store clerks, and health care professionals and also mixed-status families, children who are American citizens, in the next coronavirus response package, the congressman added.The poll, conducted April 7-12, sampled Latino individuals across the country, including additional sampling in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and California.