Latinos voters are the future, according to San Antonio activist

‘We need to understand our own power,' says Henry Munoz, founder of Momento Latino

SAN ANTONIO – The Latino vote proved to be powerful during this year’s presidential election, and a San Antonio activist believes more people should be paying attention to Latinos moving forward.

“If there’s ever a moment for the Latino community to lead itself, we have to start today because we are the future of the country,” said Henry Munoz during a KSAT Q&A on Friday.

Munoz is the founder of Momento Latino, a coalition of activists, nonprofits and leaders in communities around the nation who are pushing for change and working to elevate issues important to the Latino community.

Munoz said that the country needs “a good dose of cultural understanding” to know that Latinos are not monolithic.

Watch his full interview in the player above.

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