UTSA to host free Latin Leadership and Personal Development Global Summit on June 17

KSAT’s Erica Hernandez and Jen Tobias-Struski will speak; April Monterrosa is emceeing

Erica Hernandez, Jen Tobias-Struski (KSAT)

Editor’s note: This story was published through a partnership between KSAT and Live From the Southside, a new local- and Latina-owned magazine that works to improve & expand community relationships through promoting events, stories and businesses.

The Latin Leadership and Personal Development Global Summit LatinTalks is heading to San Antonio, Texas, on June 17, 2023, after kicking off their 11-city tour in Austin. “LatinTalks” is a series of talks and conversations where local leaders share their answers and solutions to challenges and adversities they once faced.

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This FREE event aims to identify, inspire, educate, transform and empower personal development leaders in the Latin community. Their goal is to serve and transform one hundred million Latinos worldwide. Hosted by founder, entrepreneur & speaker Peter O. Estévez and co-founder entrepreneur & life coach Celina Belizán. This three-hour event encourages audiences to join the movement to propel themselves into a new life and inspire the next generation of Latinos.

This year’s emcee is April Monterrosa. April Monterrosa is an author, speaker, radio personality at KLMO 98.9 FM, and community advocate based in San Antonio, Texas. She is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Live From The Southside Magazine, the first Latina-owned publication in Southside San Antonio. She serves on multiple boards, including Brooks Gives Back, San Antonio Women’s Business Center, The Pink Berets, the San Antonio District 3 & 4 Small Business Committee, and serves as the chairwoman for the Mitchell Lake Audubon Society Board. April’s impressive achievements have earned her recognition as an influential Latina in San Antonio by KSAT12 News. She was also honored by the 87th Texas Legislature for her achievements as a civic leader and community advocate.

LatinTalks San Antonio will feature a curated list of local thought leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs & humanitarians interested in pushing the local community forward. Our LatinTalks series provides a dialogue between multi-generations. Our LatinTalks are followed by a panel conversation where our audience can ask thought-provoking questions to our speakers. Topics range from mental health, education, and dysfunction to poverty are all hot topics.

“LatinTalks” is a series of talks and conversations where local leaders share their answers and solutions to challenges and adversities they once faced. (LatinTalks)

LatinTalks San Antonio event information:

Location: The University of Texas San Antonio, Student Union Retama Auditorium, One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249/ RSVP: www.LatinTalks2023.com

Founder- Peter O. Estévez is a thought leader /entrepreneur, author, speaker, and partner in Mexico’s energy, gas, and oil sector. Peter was born in Mexico City and immigrated to the United States at ten years old. Peter is one of thirteen children who lived in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home. He is a philanthropist and an advocate for recovery and mental health. He co-founded LatinTalks, a movement on a mission to inspire, educate, transform, and empower the Latino community. Peter hosts the top-rated podcast, the “Peter O. Estévez Show.”

Founder- Celina Belizán, an Argentine-American expert in personal growth, is a Tony Robbins Master Coach and Consciousness Educator focusing on optimization and emotional fitness. A seasoned angel investor and strategist, she holds degrees from Vanderbilt, NYU Stern, and LSE. Combining cutting-edge research with personal growth, Celina delivers accessible, transformative teachings—her mission: is to empower others to break generational patterns and embody an impenetrable mindset.

Keynote Speaker- Mauricio García is a renowned finance expert known for his ability to grow money safely and efficiently, earning him the nickname “Harry Potter of Finance.” At a young age, he learned how to eliminate taxes, volatility, and costs in his clients’ retirement plans, impressing those who knew him. Later, his mentor recognized him as the “Modern Day Alexander” for his ability to conquer the financial field and build technology that supported and trained over 30,000 people in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Mauricio is also an entrepreneur in successful financial services and marketing software companies and creates inspiring content for new generations of entrepreneurs. He was born in Mexico and moved to the United States to pursue the American Dream. Several years ago, Mauricio started a financial empowerment crusade to help families increase their income and improve their quality of life in Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

San Antonio Speakers:

Lily Garcia is a proud UTSA alum passionate about helping others in her community. With a bachelor’s degree in International Business, she’s taken her skills and knowledge to the next level by serving on the Steering Committee for the Latina Leadership Institute within the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. As the Marketing Director for #IhaveaCPAguy (Robert Garcia CPA, PLLC), Lily works alongside her husband, Robert Garcia, to support the Micro and Small Business community. They are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs by providing access to financial knowledge and resources, advocating for their needs at the local and state levels, and offering scholarships to future business leaders. Lily and Robert genuinely believe that small businesses are the heart of San Antonio. Lily also serves on the Board of Directors for The Board Room Project and the Startup Chica Committee for Latinas, continuing to give back to her community in meaningful ways.

Erica Hernandez is an Emmy award-winning journalist with 15 years of experience in the broadcast news business. After graduating from the School of Journalism at Texas State University, Erica immediately started her career in Laredo as a reporter/producer covering courts in Webb County. Her next move was to Austin at KTBC. After two years in Austin, she got a job at the TV station she grew up watching, KSAT 12. Erica is now covering courts and the criminal justice system. She is also one of the hosts of KSAT’s #1 podcast, “Texas Crime Stories.” In her downtime, Erica enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and son.

Ricky Versetti is a Latin American multi-genre artist, writer, actor, and founder of Versetti Entertainment. Born of Mexican immigrant parents, Ricky has gone on to collaborate with and write for major artists across various genres of music. He has also appeared on major television network shows, working in front of the camera and behind the scenes. At an early age, Ricky discovered a deep passion for music and was determined to pursue his dreams regardless of the obstacles and boundaries that were present growing up in a cultured Hispanic home.

Jennifer Tobias-Struski loves her hometown of San Antonio and is proud to celebrate it daily, working on SA Live. The Emmy Award-winning journalist is a multimedia journalist and host to feature local businesses and positive people in San Antonio. She has worn several hats in broadcasting, including video editor, news producer, and multimedia journalist in San Antonio and Colorado. After starting her career in the news, Jen is excited to switch gears to focus on local programming. She dedicates her time to telling the positive, uplifting stories that make Alamo City unique. Jen hosts and produces daily live and pre-recorded segments for SA Live. She also helps to produce and host “Happy Space,” a franchise that features home and garden tips and tricks for South Texas viewers.

Jerry Sauceda is a first-generation multi-faceted Latino entrepreneur who’s determined to help you find your inner C.E.O. by creating generational paradigm shifts in fun and creative ways with a vast professional background in entertainment, financial services, and civic duty. Jerry helps mission-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders develop their purpose to amplify their impact and income by increasing their visibility through events, masterminds, and digital media. Jerry is the C.E.O. of Hadanddad, L.L.C. and founder of Hype Club business Masterminds. He is also the co-founder & D.J. of the top-rated entertainment duo “Dat DI,” C.F.O. of Passion Property Management, L.L.C. He is a highly sought-after Speaker and Latino business thought Leader.

Maria (Tori) Escamilla is a US Navy Veteran, Tejano Radio Personality, and Podcaster out of San Antonio, TX. Her upbringing and love for Tejano culture landed her a job with a Tejano radio station, KLMO 98.9 FM. Tori has used her experiences and passions to fuel her podcast, Chicana Chisme. For three years, she has shared history, resources, and stories of gente who have inspired and done beautiful things throughout the community. While doing that, she earned a Bachelor’s in Multidisciplinary Studies from UT El Paso and BA in Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University.

Jenny Jimenez Ramirez is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper using the internet to encourage the world to fight through sickness and depression. Jenny was born and primarily raised in the Southside of San Antonio, TX—wife of a Navy Veteran, Mother of 2. Jenny is known for being a Motivator, Encourager. She’s the Co-Founder of the faith-based rap/rock band SAVING JACKIE, using her afflictions as stepping stones to numerous victories in Chrisrecords voiceovers for online radio stations. She has original music available on your favorite musical platforms.

Dr. Eric Lee Reyna, D.Div, SuperLux Angel Investments of Fine Art and Private Equities. Dr. Reyna had been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity in Philosophical Studies and was previously the Lead Strategic Developmental Manager at Google and YouTube for almost seven years. He has been featured in The Guardian, Voyage Houston, and Live From The Southside Magazine. He is being interviewed for Marquis Magazine for the Who’s Who column for the upcoming Entrepreneurs/Philanthropists. Dr. Reyna retired at the ripe age of 27 as one of the youngest solo Capital Investors in the State of Texas, leading into private Angel Investments, and has been flying under the radar until now.

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