Study suggests drinking coffee as soon as you wake up may be bad for your health

Researchers in United Kingdom say you should wait until after eating breakfast

One study suggests you should wait an hour before drinking your morning cup of coffee to help prevent diabetes.

Many of us wake up and go straight for that cup of coffee. Some of us even set the coffee maker so it is freshly brewed the moment our alarm goes off.

However, researchers at the University in Bath in the United Kingdom say you should not drink your morning cup of joe first thing in the morning. A study looked at 29 people who drank a strong, black cup of coffee an hour after they woke up after getting a poor night’s sleep. They looked to see how the coffee impacted blood sugar levels.

The findings suggest that a cup of coffee, if consumed before breakfast, has a negative impact on your body’s ability to control its blood sugar levels. And doctors agree that elevated blood sugar levels increase the risk of conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

However, the researchers say there is an easy fix. If you have a bad night’s sleep, simply make sure to eat breakfast before you drink your cup of coffee.

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