Things Millennials should know before buying a home

Experts say millennials are the most active generation of buyers

Realtors say millennials accounted for 37 percent of all buyers in 2019, making them the most active generation of buyers for the sixth consecutive year.

And while some are already ahead of the game, others may just be starting their home-buying experience.

So before you jump right in, there are some things to consider.

First, you’ll want to get your finances together before making the big purchase. Realtors say finding out which type of financing you want should be at the top of your list.

Secondly, you shouldn’t settle on a home. Whether you’ve been on the house hunt for days, weeks, or months, experts say you should never buy a home you don’t love.

Next, you’ll want to think long-term. A condo or a townhouse may sound nice at the moment, but it may not fit your lifestyle a few years down the line. It’s also important to look at the value, and if it will be easy to sell when you’re ready to move again.

Finally, figure out your “must haves.” Experts encourage buyers to bring a list of things they need to have in their home. Whether it’s a big kitchen, or a two-car garage, the list is important.

Experts also say you should ask a lot of questions. Buying a home is no small or simple task, and there are no questions not worth asking.

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