Avoid ‘Pinkwashing’ scams during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Just because an item is pink does not mean it is supporting a cause to find a cure for breast cancer.

During breast cancer awareness month, you’ll see pink everywhere from ribbons on shirts to athletic sports jerseys.

It’s a great way to support the cause, but you have to be careful.

Just because it’s pink, doesn’t mean it’s actually supporting the movement to find a cure for breast cancer.

Some charity scammers are constantly preying on people’s good intentions to generate income for themselves.

It’s a phenomenon that’s sometimes called “Pinkwashing”.

The Better Business Bureau says that it has found "pink products ranging from lint rollers to teddy bears.”

Products like these can sometimes have a “Shop for the Cure” label or other marketing language that leads people to believe that by buying the product, they’re helping cure breast cancer.

The founder of the cancer nonprofit “Cleaning for a Reason", says people really need to look twice at what they are buying and contributing to.

Consumers should look out for vague claims on packaging, and be aware of products that require you to mail in a proof of purchase before donations are made.

Non-profit organizers warn that just because it’s pink, doesn’t mean the money you spend is going to the right place.

So if you take a few minutes to do some homework, you’ll be able to better contribute to breast cancer awareness.

Here’s a list of some of the top Breast Cancer Awareness Entities:

1. Breast Cancer Research Foundation

2. Susan G. Komen Foundation

3. Living Beyond Breast Cancer

4. National Breast Cancer Foundation

5. METAvivor