‘Convoy of Hope’ bringing holiday cheer, food to seniors in need

12,000 boxes of food to be delivered to eligible seniors

SAN ANTONIO – When seniors enter retirement a good amount of them rely solely on their social security checks as income. Sadly, sometimes those checks aren’t enough to cover their groceries.

But that’s where the city of San Antonio and the San Antonio Food Bank have stepped in, with its regular Convoy of Hope.

For 17 years the city of San Antonio has partnered with the San Antonio Food Bank to deliver 12,000 boxes of food to eligible seniors in senior centers. The boxes are more crucial than ever during the pandemic this holiday season.

“This program allows us to get healthy food to seniors all throughout south Texas, but here in San Antonio the equity of our city council districts is making sure that we get food to all of the seniors, so they are nourished and know that we love them,” Eric Cooper, the CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank said.

“Since the pandemic has forced us to shutdown our senior centers, this is a critical opportunity to continue to make sure that our seniors are fed,” Councilman for District 9 John Courage said.

The convoy this year is much smaller because of the pandemic. It kicked off on the north side even though there is not a senior center currently in district 9.

Councilman Courage said hopefully in the next 16-18 months a brand new senior center will be in the area.

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