San Antonio community leaders reflect on Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

How the civil rights icon’s life helped transform the lives of some local leaders

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s tenacious fight for equality and civil rights forever changed our nation.

To celebrate and commemorate his life, we asked local leaders to share their reflections on Dr. King’s legacy and how it helped transform their lives.

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins

State Representative, District 120 (San Antonio)

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins (2021)

“Dr. King’s memory serves as the conscious of America. Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day is both a reflection of the dark past perpetrated on African Americans as well as hope for the future.

Dr. King’s dream of a fair and just society establishes the blueprint for America as we seek equity and justice for all. Dr. King’s legacy is epitomized by his power to keep the dream alive, understanding the value of peaceful protesting, artfully articulating the message, as well as his ability to promenade through the hearts of our society while keeping the faith for a better tomorrow.

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