What’s Up South Texas!: Teen creates food app to help others live healthier lifestyles

Isabella Jimenez presented her business model to different health organizations throughout the city

San Antonio – A San Antonio teen is using her technology skills to help the younger community live healthier lives.

Isabella Jimenez, 16, is a Johnson High School senior. She created the app, “My Fun Food.”

“The whole goal was to promote a healthy lifestyle in San Antonio,” said Jimenez. “I created an interactive cooking app for kids that is filled with recipes that are kid-friendly and healthy.”

It took Jimenez nearly three years to make the app, which includes recipes she created herself.

She said it all started with a service project.

“I was selected to be an ambassador on the Mayor’s Fitness Ambassador Program under Mayor Castro,” Jimenez said.

The app’s creation also started from a personal experience of Jimenez, who is a very active student athlete.

“Although I was a competitive swimmer and I was consistently exercising, I didn’t get a good take on my diet,” Jimenez said. “I noticed it when I was gaining weight even though I was working out two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.”

She said it was a trip to the pediatrician that got her back on track.

“My pediatrician actually noticed a diabetic precursor on my neck,” Jimenez said. “Diabetes does run in my family. I have seen it with my grandmother and grandfather who had Type 1.”

Jimenez said she began to be very cautious about the different things she was putting in her body.

“I noticed the precursor on my neck went away and I started getting less tired in the water.”

Jimenez said she now wants that experience for others in the community, especially the underserved.

Her app is free to download in the Apple Store.

The app also includes games for children to play while they are waiting for their food to cook.

“I am just so proud that she kind of put those pieces together to come up with something unique and it became personal to her and she didn’t back down,” said Mary Jimenez, her mother.

Jimenez said she hopes to help others on this healthy journey one student at a time.

“If you are doing something, do it for the benefit of you,” Jimenez said.

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