What’s Up South Texas!: Teen to skate over 800 miles across Texas to raise awareness for clean roads

Ezera Reagan skates at least 10 miles a day but plans to increase the distance to prepare for the trip


San Antonio – A San Antonio 16-year-old hopes to raise awareness about road cleanliness by skateboarding 800 miles across Texas.

Ezera Reagan is an independent endurance skateboarder who started his passion of skating when he was a young boy.

“When I started skating, I got addicted,” Reagan said. “I used to just ride for eight or nine hours straight. Just riding in a circle. I’d say I was getting up to at least 20 miles in a day.”

He said when he skates, he’s a different person.

“It is a feeling I can’t describe,” Reagan said. “It is very euphoric. It is a big escape.”

While skating locally, Reagan said he noticed more and more litter on the roads.

“It just makes me sad when I see that,” Reagan said. “On a skateboard, you start to realize how rough the roads are. Especially when you start putting trash and glass on it. It gets hard on cars and your board and goes into a big financial problem.”

He said he came up with the idea to skate across Texas for a fun challenge. He got his inspiration from professionals in the athletic world.

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