A San Antonio CEO is biking 9,000 miles for senior care

Jeff Salter’s company is celebrating 30 years with a bike ride around the nation

SAN ANTONIO – Jeff Salter, CEO and founder of Caring Senior Service, may not be an avid cyclist but he’s ready to pedal his electric bike for 9,000 miles through 27 states.

The bike tour is to celebrate the company’s three decades serving seniors and raise awareness of their client’s needs.

“I’ve dedicated my life to to caring for seniors these last 30 years,” Salter said. “We provide in-home assistance to seniors, so they can avoid relocation.”

Now, he’s prepping for a tour around the country to visit the company’s 45 locations and shine light on the risks and needs of senior citizens. However, instead of driving or flying to each office, Salter has packed a few clothing changes, basic cooking materials and even essential office items into a tiny trailer that is attached to his electric bike.

During the course of the trip, Slater plans to bike about 100 miles daily and rest at State parks.

Salter has packed a two outfits, basic cooking materials and even essential office items into a tiny trailer attached to his electric bike. (Copyright 2021 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

“I still (have) to keep in touch with everybody (at the company) and do work along the way,” Salter said. “My trailer turns into a one-person tent. It’s a full rig that folds out and allows me to sleep in the state park wherever I am.”

Salter is aware the trip won’t be easy, but said the mission is worth it.

“We’re going to focus on really seniors’ safety and focusing on fall prevention, and that’s why during my ride, I’ll be raising awareness for grab bars,” Salter said. “We’re trying to raise money… so, we can put grab bars in homes (of seniors).”

He plans to be on the road for about four months.

“(At each location I plan to) have meetings with city leaders, community activists, people involved in senior care,” Salter said. “(I want) to really try and help them start thinking about what they can do in their communities (for seniors). I think it’s just a great way to kind of raise the bar to the next level.”

Salter said falls among senior citizens are a big problem, with 80% of falls happening in the bathroom. The alarming statistic inspired Salter and his team to raise money to purchase and install grab bars in the homes of at least 400 of their clients.

“For every $250 we raise, because of our partners at VGM Live at Home and Evacare, a safety product company, we’re able to (install) two grab bars in seniors’ homes,” Salter said. “I just really hope that my journey inspires others to get involved in senior care.”

Salter will begin his long journey April 1 with his first stop in the South Texas city of McAllen.

Salter hopes to raise awareness on senior safety and raise a total of $100,000 for grab bars. (Copyright 2021 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

“We need more caregivers,” Salter said. “We need more technology that’s directed towards helping seniors stay at home safely, and we really need more people involved in senior care businesses to start senior care businesses.”

He’ll be live blogging each day to share about his experience. People can follow along Salter’s journey here and donate to help reach the company’s goal of raising $100,000.