KSAT Explains Q&A: Former KSAT reporter, anchor Paul Venema reflects on trial of ‘Killer Nurse’ Genene Jones

RJ Marquez spoke to longtime KSAT anchor, reporter Paul Venema about covering Jones trial years ago

SAN ANTONIO – Convicted baby killer Genene Jones has been an infamous part of San Antonio’s history for decades.

She’s been called “the killer nurse” and “angel of death.” For many, she’s synonymous with evil.

Jones was convicted of killing two infants by injecting them with powerful drugs while they were in her care in Kerrville and San Antonio. She is suspected of killing dozens more babies, but it’s highly unlikely she will ever be tried in all of the cases in which she’s accused.

WATCH: ‘In A Killer’s Care’: The story behind one of Texas’ most notorious alleged serial killers Genene Jones

That’s because Jones is serving a life sentence after she was convicted in a Bexar County courtroom in January 2020. She will not be eligible for parole until she’s in her late 80s.

In this KSAT Explains Q&A livestream, we check in with recently retired, longtime KSAT reporter and anchor Paul Venema to discuss his time covering this gripping trial.

Even though Jones is behind bars, there have always been lingering questions about why she killed infants in her care. Those questions still haunt the victims’ families, prosecutors and those whose cases were never tried for years to come.

You can watch the interview and hear Paul Venema’s perspective in the video above.

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