How to maximize your garage space

Updating your garage is a great investment project since it will give you more useful space and open up storage

Many of us use our garages for parking our cars and storing bikes or tools, but one thing this last year taught us is how to better utilize the space we have.

Bailey Carson, a home expert at Angi, says updating your garage is a great investment project, since it will give you more useful space and open up storage.

“Start by thinking about how you want to use the space. Do you want to use it for hobbies, exercising or maybe even hosting guests? Or is it a simple storage space expansion?” she said.

You should also try to be as realistic as possible about how you plan to use your remodeled garage space.

Find a quality local pro to help make sure your project is achievable within your budget and timeline.

A great pro will also help map out your new garage space to make sure you can still fit your cars inside when it’s all done.

“Once you have your pro, you need to talk about the plans. Will this be a full livable space or just more storage area? Depending on that, you’ll want to talk about HVAC, electrical and plumbing needs, which can make it comfortable year-round,” Carson says.

It’s also important to ask a lot of questions, even if you’re just adding a storage system.

Think about things like: how secure are the shelves and cabinets? Am I utilizing wall space? Do we need to raise the roof? Will the things I use most be easily accessible? Will my car still fit inside?

Carson says, “Safety is another key consideration when remodeling your garage. While windows look great and can add natural light, they do make it easier to break in. You may want to consider a security system, or at least motion-detecting lights on the outside. Finally, don’t forget doors or keypads on each of the entrances.”

Garage doors have electronic sensors that can’t be blocked.

Depending on how you’ll use the space, it will have different ventilation requirements.

These issues are best handled by an experienced pro, who can make sure everything is installed right the first time.

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