First responders called to water rescues in Gonzales County after heavy rainfall

The weather conditions caused issues in Guadalupe and Gonzales County

Gonzales County – Emergency crews in Gonzales County had a busy Thursday morning after heavy rain led to water rescue operations.

“Our rescue division made at least 13 rescues, both from homes as well as from cars, and our local fire department was also making other rescues at the same time,” said Eddie Callender, EMS and rescue chief of the Gonzales County Emergency Services District.

Callender said rescue operations began around 3 a.m.

“Things developed quickly. Caught a lot of people off guard,” Callender said.

Gonzales resident Mike Hanson said he witnessed a scary scene unfold in his area.

“There was an older gentleman that came across the bridge and his car stalled out and started floating,” Hanson said.

Hanson said he yelled at the man to get back in his car, but he didn’t listen.

“He didn’t stay in the car,” Hanson said.

As the rain continued, Hanson recorded another frightening moment. This time, emergency crews rescued a family.

“They saved two children and two adults from a flooding house there that was behind where I was,” Hanson said.

In Guadalupe County, some areas were too dangerous to drive through.

Roads flooded and barricades were placed along several areas, including FM 477 and Krams Creek.

Gonzales ISD and Seguin ISD canceled classes as well, as a result of the weather conditions.

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