Rare Texas license plate numbers are being auctioned off now through Wednesday

2,400+ personalized license plate requests were denied in Texas in 2020

Texas license plates being auctioned off in Nov. 2021. (My Plates)

SAN ANTONIO – Fifty Texas license plates are on the auction block, including eight rare plates with low numbers ranging from 27-2022.

My Plates, the official vendor for specialty license plates in Texas is auctioning them through Wednesday, Nov. 17.

“Low numbers hold a special place in Texas’ license plate story, and this auction will give Texans the opportunity to own a rare piece of history,” said My Plates president Steve Farrar.

The first license plates and numbers in Texas were issued in 1917 for all “horseless carriages.”

In addition to the low numbers, My Plates is also auctioning plate messages like “TEJANOS,” “SPURZ,” “CUSTOM,” “RARE,” AND “LOVEBUG.”

Each plate being offered in the auction, which has been open since Oct. 11, will be given to the plate holder for a five-year term. Opening bids start at $500.

“There are a lot of unique, clever, fun and interesting plate messages available, and through the auction, Texans have an opportunity to secure one,” said Farrar.

The My Plates Great Plate Auction is online-only and may be accessed via www.myplates.com/auction. Bidding closes at 8 p.m. on Nov. 17.

The most expensive license plate from previous auctions was “12TH MAN,” which sold for $115,000 in September 2013, making it the most expensive plate message in Texas. That plate is not available this year, but “GIGGEM” is, and “LNGHRN” is as well.

“ALAMO” sold for $10,250 in March 2016 and “HOUSTON” sold for $25,000 in January 2013.

“SMILE” has the highest bid so far this year. As of midday on Thursday, the bidding was up to $3,200.

Custom vanity plates you won’t find up for auction are “FARTED,” “NO PENIS” and “MUD BUTT” - all three were part of more than 2,400 vanity plates denied by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles last year.

Vanity license plates must be approved by the DMV and require additional fees in addition to registration fees.

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