Meals on Wheels serves thousands of Thanksgiving meals for the holiday

The rainy weather did not stop volunteers in 300 vehicles from delivering warm Thanksgiving meals

San Antonio – Hundreds of Meals On Wheels San Antonio volunteers delivered more than 2,000 Thanksgiving meals to families across San Antonio and Bexar County for the second time since the start of the pandemic.

“They are already isolated and alone on a typical day,” said Ariana Barbour, the director of communication and marketing for the non-profit. “During the holidays it is even harder to deal with. Which is why we make an effort to get out there on Thanksgiving Day to let them know people care about them especially if they are living in San Antonio.”

She said this is the second warm meal they have delivered since the beginning of the pandemic.

“So, what we used to do every day is now a special treat until we get back to delivering meals five days a week,” said Barbour. “There have been over 1,800 pounds of turkey breast have been prepared. Sending out over 2000 meals. Typically, we serve 4500 people but fortunately, it sounds like most people will be spending Thanksgiving with their families.”

CEO Vinsen Faris said he is thankful to see families unite again.

“To hear these folks that we call and say, ‘Hey, you want that meal?’ They are like, ‘No, my granddaughters it coming. My son is going to be here,’” said Faris. “More families are getting together this year because we are hoping to come to the end of the pandemic, but they are coming together, and it is so special.”

Despite serving fewer meals this Thanksgiving, Faris said the need is still great.

“We are serving fewer meals this Thanksgiving than the last four Thanksgivings,” Faris said. “That is a difference, but it does not say the number of people on Meals on Wheels has gone down. We have increased the number of people we have seen on a daily basis by almost 2,500. The need is out there.”

The organization is hoping to be fully operational in a newer and bigger facility this time next year at a building outside of Loop 410 at Danbury and Nacogdoches.

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