Meet one of San Antonio Zoo’s newest members -- a baby kangaroo

Guests can visit Poseidon, a new joey, in Kangaroo Krossing

Poseidon, the joey, at the San Antonio Zoo. (San Antonio Zoo)

SAN ANTONIO – If you pay a visit to the San Antonio Zoo, you may notice a new little face hopping around.

Poseidon, an adorable joey born to Pearl and Rocky, is around six months old, though San Antonio Zoo officials say it’s hard to say his exact age due to his extremely small size at birth.

“The reason we aren’t totally sure of his exact age is that they’re actually born after about a month of gestation! They are about the size of a jelly bean when born, so they’re very easy to miss while crawling into the pouch,” the SA Zoo said in a statement.

Guests can visit Poseidon in Kangaroo Krossing, along with his mother and all of the other roos. Poseidon’s father Rocky was brought in from another facility to breed with the kangaroos but has since returned to his former home.

Poseidon and the other young kangaroos’ names were chosen with an ocean theme, according to zoo officials.

“So far we have Zander (a type of fish), Tasman (a sea off the coast of Austrailia), Mako (a shark species) and Poseidon (Greek god of the sea),” said the SA Zoo.

Zander and Tasman are the oldest of the young roos and are available for zoogoers to touch if they choose to visit the guest interaction area. You can learn more about the roos at the zoo’s website here.

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