The Salvation Army hopes to make up funds after a tough Red Kettle season

It’s National Salvation Army Week.

SAN ANTONIO – The Salvation Army is hosting several events all week long aimed at raising money.

“This is our second biggest fundraiser of the year. The Red Kettle campaign is The Salvation Army’s biggest fundraiser,” Brad Mayhar, the public relations manager with The Salvation Army, said.

The Salvation Army’s benefit dinner at the Hilton San Antonio Hill Country Hotel has big expectations after last year’s Red Kettle campaign.

“Well, we had a pretty big shortfall actually. We had during the red kettle season, we had a shortfall of over $100,000,” Mayhar said.

He said there are several reasons why, but one of the big ones is the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Another ripple effect of COVID is you know, people were maybe, you know, hurting financially. People were struggling, so it could be a number of factors,” Mayhar said.

Their goal with the dinner is to raise over $100,000.

“Who better to help us make up, you know, some of the shortfalls we had during the Christmas season than the man himself,” Mayhar said.

The man he’s referring to is “The Fonz” Emmy-winning actor, director and producer Henry Winkler.

Winkler was the night’s keynote speaker. It was an honor he said he takes seriously because of the work The Salvation Army does.

“Here we are in this moment when the world seems to be going kablooey. Traditions are breaking down, respect is breaking down. It’s scary. It is becoming very scary. Then you have The Salvation Army that lifts you up in no matter what area you’re having a problem in. There seems to be a mission,” Winkler said.

All of the money raised at the “An Evening With Henry Winkler” fundraiser will stay here in San Antonio and help local families.

If you couldn’t make it to the fundraising event, you can always make a donation online.

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