Spurs’ Dejounte Murray gifts dad SUV for Father’s Day, says he wanted relationship ‘before it’s too late’

Murray said they have had their ‘differences’ for several years, but are fixing relationship

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On Father’s Day, San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray spoke out about his formerly strained relationship with his dad and how they’re working to repair it.

In an Instagram post, Murray posted a video of him surprising his dad with a new SUV for the holiday, writing that he just wanted a relationship with him “before it’s too late.”

The basketball player said that they had their “differences” for several years, but he did not want to have the regrets of “not being a man and fixing the problems we had.”

He added that his dad acknowledged his absence in Murray’s youth, and they’re fixing their relationship “right now.”

The NBA All-Star, who was drafted by the Spurs in 2016, has frequently opened up about his tough upbringing.

Last month, he posted his old mugshot from juvenile detention on Instagram, saying that he’s using his influence to inspire people that otherwise have “no hope or guidance.”

He previously told Yahoo! Sports that he was exposed to crime and drugs at an early age while growing up in Seattle.

“I got active in the streets at 11 years old,” said Murray. “When I mean active in the streets, not just on the corner. They knew my name when I got on the block.”

Murray said he spent time in juvenile detention but his life changed during his sophomore year in high school, when NBA veteran Jamal Crawford took him under his wing.

“I never looked back since I got out of juvenile my sophomore year,” Murray said.

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