Whataburger sells a guayabera and it’s muy bonito

Whataburger celebrates Hispanic Heritage month with clothing and accessories

Whataburger sells a guayabera in its online store. (Jeff Berdnarz, KSAT/Whataburger)

SAN ANTONIO – For many people, Whataburger is a Texas way of life.

One peek at the Whatastore and it’s easy to see that the brand is much bigger than burgers and fries — there is literally something for everyone who eats, breathes and sleeps the Whataburger lifestyle.

Enter the Whataburger Guayabera. Or the WBGB.

Just as the name rolls off the tongue, the collaboration is a natural fit.

The shirt’s online description reads: “Laid-back and stylish all at once. This shirt is born from the streets of Fiesta but would have no problem matching your favorite pair of boots at your next concert.”

The Flying W Guayabera sells for about $45. It’s part of Whataburger’s Hispanic Heritage collection that also includes a Zilker belt, Fiesta T-shirt and Que Hamburguesa! attire.

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