Certification, minor in Mexican-American Studies now offered at St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s University revives program ‘by popular demand’

SAN ANTONIO – St. Mary’s University now offers a minor and certification in Mexican-American Studies in response to renewed interest in the Mexican-American experience.

Dr. Belinda Roman, an assistant professor of economics, said the Hispanic Student Union had expressed it wanted that field of study brought back last spring.

“We revived it by popular demand,” Roman said.

She said the faculty came together with a catalog of courses “to help students kind of understand themselves and what’s going on in the world.”

“In a state like Texas, where Mexican-Americans are now the majority, that’s very important,” Roman said.

She said the certification in Mexican-American Studies is useful in professional development, especially with the increased emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion in the business world.

She said gaining certification would involve taking five courses over one or more semesters.

Roman said the courses offer an understanding of the Mexican-American experience in Texas and the United States -- from its history, literature, and economics to its sociology and language.

St. Mary’s University also offers a minor in Mexican-American Studies as an academic pursuit for its students.

St. Mary’s University now offers both a minor and certification in Mexican-American studies.

Sierra Salas, a senior majoring in political science who is also pursuing a master’s degree in public administration, said she also wants a certification in Mexican-American Studies to better serve the community one day.

“No matter where I want to serve in any capacity, I can be aware of their situation, of their experience, how policies and practices have affected them,” Salas said. “I can keep that in mind in any field I decide to go to.”

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