Need a gift idea for a teen, young adult? Check these out.

Consumer Reports recommends these gifts that last

Finding the perfect gift for teens and young adults may seem tricky. But Consumer Reports curated a list of gifts that can keep on giving.

“Think about useful splurges, so things they wouldn’t necessarily buy or think of for themselves but would love to have and use anyway,” said Tanya Christian with Consumer Reports.

On top of Christian’s list is an air fryer.

“If your young adult likes to ‘chef it up’ in the kitchen, I would definitely recommend an air fryer,” said Christian. “I mean like they’re really the best invention.”

An air fryer from Dash earned top scores in Consumer Reports’ tests and will add a pop of color to any kitchen.

If your recipient is into hair styling, consider a good quality hair tool. A Bio Ionic curling iron created bouncy, shiny curls that lasted days for most of Consumer Reports’ panelists.

A Dyson hair dryer is a splurge.

“The Dyson was the top performer in Consumer Reports’ lab tests for dry speed, and it’s actually one of the quietest, too,” said Christian. “What’s also nice is it comes with a variety of accessories.”

Whether they’re traveling the world or just waiting for the bus, Consumer Reports said a Patagonia Black Hole Mini is a go-to among travel backpacks.

“You can take it on a plane or to school, and it can fit a lot of stuff inside, and it’s also comfy enough to wear for a while,” said Christian.

Maybe you can’t buy them a car, but how about an electric bike? E-bikes can pedal just like a regular bike, but with an added assist.

“E-bikes are a great option for getting places without a car,” said Christian. “However, they can be expensive, so they’re something you’ll want to consider carefully.”

Consumer Reports said an e-bike from Blix did well in its tests and costs less than some other e-bike models.

E-bike regulations vary, so you’ll want to check whether you need an operator’s license to use one on public roads in your area.

Another idea is a subscription box. Various online companies offer them, sending scheduled boxfuls of goodies such as beauty products, snacks, books and silly socks.

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