Somerset woman posts pictures of the monster egg her chicken laid, and the comments are golden

‘I’m considering incubating it just to see what monstrosity comes out,’ Michele Villanueva said

Michele Villanueva posted pictures of a giant egg that her chicken laid. (Michele Villanueva, KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – With the price of eggs skyrocketing right now, egg-bearing chickens are a hot commodity.

And one Somerset woman has extra bragging rights after one of her hens laid a huge egg.

“Check out what my chicken did this morning! I’m thinking it’s a double yolk. Bidding starts at $5 for the dinosaur egg,” Michele Villanueva posted in a community Facebook page.

Michele Villanueva posted pictures of a giant egg that her chicken laid. (KSAT)

“I’ll trade an 89 Honda for it,” one commenter jokingly replied.

While Villanueva was kidding about selling the egg, her post got dozens of comments including some from others whose chickens have also laid giant eggs.

“I remember when one of my chickens laid a whopper like that. She literally screamed for 10 minutes! My husband blew it out and coated the shell. I still have it!” Carol Belk posted along with a picture of her eggshell.

Carol Belk has kept the shell of a giant egg laid by one of her chickens for nearly 40 years. (KSAT)

Belk said the giant egg her chicken laid had two yolks.

She found the egg so remarkable that she’s held onto it since the early 1980s.

Casey Wegner said a giant egg from her chicken didn’t just have a double yolk, it was actually a double egg.

“Outside shell was thin and there was a yolk and another whole egg inside,” Wegner posted.

Some commenters expressed sympathy for the chicken.

“Ouch,” a few people posted.

“Was an episiotomy required to deliver that egg?” another asked.

After a few commenters encouraged Villanueva to let the egg hatch, she decided that’s just what she’s going to do.

“You know, I think I will incubate it,” Villanueva said. “Cross your fingers I get a velociraptor.”

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