Center for Healing and Hope of South Texas expanding five years after opening

The Center offers professional counseling for children, teens, and adults.

More than five years after the tragedy in Sutherland Springs, the Center for Healing and Hope of South Texas is expanding.

“The kiddos can play with their specialized toys that you’ll see in the counseling offices that are there for play therapy,” Mary Beth Fisk, CEO and Executive Director of the Ecumenical Center said.

Walking into a home with hope and love, The Center for Healing and Hope of South Texas is set up to support the mental health needs of the community, including various counseling services.

“EMDR, which is a specialized processing that takes specialized training and specialized tools through technology to allow someone to process the trauma that they’ve been through,” Fisk said.

The Ecumenical Center opened this location following the 2017 shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs that left 26 people dead.

“We were with the communities and the families who suffered so much during that time. And we’ve continued to be present for them. And whatever their need is,” Fisk said.

That need has given Fisk’s team the opportunity to get creative with a new space.

“Subcontractors who have donated most of the work and materials that have allowed for the finish out of this building,” Fisk said.

The building was at one time just a workshed behind The Center. Now it’ll give them room to expand and help more people with individual and group counseling.

“If we can bring down the barriers to care and we can bring the services closer to the people who need them, they’re going to be more willing to come in and take advantage of that,” she said.

The counselors here reflect the community they serve, and they’re from rural areas.

Fisk says The Center’s mission is simple, bring healing and hope to people who need it.

“We have wonderful teams of professional folks who give not because of what they receive, but they give because there’s a need,” she said.

Fisk said they hope to have the construction done within a month and a grand reopening to unveil the new structure to the community they serve.

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