Donate gifts through The Giving Machine at the Pearl this holiday season

People can donate to local charities at the kiosk through Dec. 3

SAN ANTONIO – The Pearl will host The Giving Machine this holiday season, allowing people to donate to a wide range of charitable organizations through a kiosk.

The Light the World Giving Machine is like a vending machine, but instead of snacks or drinks, it includes gifts of meals, books, bus passes, groceries, clothes and more.

Gifts will go to local charities, including the San Antonio Food Bank, PAWS for Service, Catholic Charities, Interfaith Welcome Coalition and Center for Refugee Services.

“These vending machines are all about the experience of giving instead of buying something to satisfy your own immediate need,” a news release states. “You can buy chickens or textbooks to help families around the world or meals from the San Antonio Food Bank.”

The gifts start at $5 and go up to $200.

This is how it works: People can go up to the kiosk and view the variety of gifts. The options are shown on a card with a picture of the gift and a price, along with the corresponding charity.

People can pay for the item with a debit or credit card, or digital payment. After paying, the card will then drop into a collection bin.

The news release states 100% of the donation will be used for the purchase of the item selected.

The kiosk is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which will cover credit card transaction fees. Donations are eligible for tax deductions.

The Giving Machine opened on Monday and it is available through Dec. 3. It is located at the Cellars Pavillion.

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