November 2, 2021 Election Results: School bonds in the San Antonio area

Major school bonds around the San Antonio area faced different fates on Election night

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In the San Antonio area, voters also made crucial decisions on major bond propositions for school districts throughout the region.

Voters in East Central ISD rejected a $172 million bond proposal that would have funded the construction of three new schools along with a variety of other renovations.

Judson ISD also saw its proposed $300 million bonds narrowly defeated. That money would have funded growth, athletic upgrades and technological advancements.

Southside ISD voters rejected a $52 million bond, which would have gone toward building and renovating schools and other facilities.

New Braunfels ISD voters approved two of three proposals in a $350 million bond. They approved spending $321 million on new schools and facility upgrades and $6.6 million on technology, but rejected a $20 million proposal on stadium renovations.

In Comal ISD, voters were split, approving two of four bonds. Though they approved a $411 million proposal to build new schools and a $34 million proposal to fund technology and network upgrades, they rejected a $20 million proposal to improve football stadiums and a $61 million proposal to improve athletic facilities.

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