Rare sighting of snake caught on camera at Texas park

By Mary Claire Patton - Digital Content Curator

NEEDVILLE, Texas - An eastern hognose snake was caught on camera at Brazos Bend State Park in Needville this week.

The Texas park posted photos of the rare sighting with a few facts about the reptile.

Eastern hognose snakes can vary in color, with a range including yellow, gray, brown, olive, red and orange.

This particular snake was orange and looks a bit like -- as some social media users pointed out -- it's smiling for the camera.

"When threatened, these snakes will raise their head, puff out to appear larger and flatten out the skin around their neck to look like a cobra," a Facebook post from the park reads.

This defensive maneuver can be seen pretty easily in the photos the park posted to Facebook.

Eastern hognose snakes are venomous but aren't considered a threat to humans, according to HerpsOfTexas.org. The venom is mild to humans but deadly for frogs, toads and lizards.

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