Don't ignore the snore! What your body is trying to tell you when you snore at night

The way you sleep can affect your brain & physical health

SAN ANTONIOAre you tired of being grumpy, and sleep deprived in the morning after you wake up?

You're not alone...

Getting a good nights rest can seem difficult at times, especially if you have a lot on your mind.

Some people even spend a fortune just on medications alone to help them sleep better at night.

Thanks to the University Health System, they have provided us with some great insight on how your sleep is affecting your overall health.

Do you suffer from lack of sleep & sleep deprivation??

If you are normally sleep deprived and don't get at least eight hours of sleep on average, you may be experiencing some of these effects to your body and emotions.

  • Weight gain

  • Loss in reaction time

  • Loss of concentration

  • Fear

  • Grumpiness

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

Dr. Maulik Purohit, Chief Medical Information Officer, University Health System, said, "The way you sleep can affect your energy and the way you age."

Prescription medications may not always give you a good nights rest

Dr. Purohit said that medications can help you sleep, but they can reduce the quality of your sleep, your deep sleep patterns, and your REM/dream sleep.  

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Deep sleep affects your weight & by the way you age!

"During deep sleep, your hormones help maintain your metabolism, which is important for weight management," Dr. Purohit said. 

"The hormones will replenish your body and regenerate for the next day. With deep sleep, your metabolism maintains a better energy so you can keep some of the weight off, that's important for us as we age."

-Dr. Purohit

If you have any questions about how you can get a better nights rest, Dr. Purohit said, "University Health System has a great sleep center and sleep doctors to help you."

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Information courtesy University Health System

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