Looking for the best place to have your baby?

St. Luke's First Baptist Hospital is your go-to for delivering a baby


Are you expecting or know someone who is expecting a baby?


St. Luke's First Baptist Hospital is the first hospital in San Antonio to offer an OB hospitalist program staffed with board-certified OB GYNs in a dedicated OB Emergency setting 24/7.


These hospitalists do not have an independent practice and are solely dedicated to the hospitalist program.


The hospitalist is available to respond to OB and GYN emergencies in the emergency department, L&D, postpartum, antepartum and the OR.      


 An OB is in the hospital 24/7 in the event there is an emergency with a mom in labor or after her pregnancy. 



Why is it so important to have an OB hospitalist program? 🍼


"With the increase and high risk of our patients, at Baptist Health System, we are looking for ways to enhance our patient experience," said Terrie Price, director of women's services at  St. Luke's Baptist Hospital.


There is a physician able to see a patient within 5-10 minutes if a woman comes in with a high-risk pregnancy.


"We help patients who have had significant bleeding after delivering that might require a hysterectomy," Price said. "We’ve had patients come in who have not received prenatal care and have a high-risk pregnancy."



​​For more information, visit baptisthealthsystem.com or call 210-297-5071.


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Information courtesy of Baptist Health System.

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