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Dr. Kristi Clark, medical director at HealthTexas has some helpful safety tips about CPR that everyone needs to keep in mind during these hot summer days!


Q #1: Are there any age restrictions for performing CPR? For someone to receive CPR?


"Kids as young as nine-years-old can learn and effectively perform CPR," Dr. Clark said. "The biggest challenge with CPR is having the physical strength to compress on the chest. Kids that are younger than nine just don’t have the strength."


"No one is too young or too old to receive CPR," Dr. Clark emphasized.



Q #2: Where do I go to get certified?


Dr. Clark said, "If you need to have certification done for your job or for school, the American Heart Association is your best bet."


If you want to learn CPR for free and not get certified, Dr. Clark recommends the non-profit organization, Harpers Embrace in San Antonio.



Q #3: What is the “Good Samaritan Law”?


"It protects volunteers from any kind of civil lawsuit if they try to help someone at the scene of an accident," Dr. Clark said. "If you’re not trained and you don’t know how to give CPR, it’s better to do something than nothing, even if you’re just doing a compression-only CPR."



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