Talking brisket with So.Tex BBQ

Learn some helpful brisket tips for your next cookout

SAN ANTONIO – David Elder dishes out with So. Tex BBQ and gets some tips on how to make the perfect brisket. 

  •  Let the brisket rest at room temperature for 1-2 hours
  •  Trim the brisket and remove excess fat then season with favorite rub
  •  Smoke brisket at 250 degrees with fat side up, fat cap toward the fire
  •  Remove brisket after 6-7 hours then wrap and put it in the pit for 10 hours
  •  Remove brisket, unwrap and let rest for 1 hour, slice then serve 
  • So.Tex BBQ is located at 202 Lamar St. and you can find them on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to follow them to keep up with their events and for more amazing BBQ! 

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